We appreciate you taking the time to provide as much information as possible and we understand that some of the questions can be difficult to answer. The application assists us in providing the best possible experience for your child at camp.  This information is shared only with Camp Cairn staff, therapists, and the child’s assigned Big Buddy.

Preparing for a camp weekend starts months before the actual weekend. There are a couple of critical steps involved in the application and registration process. We hope the following information will help clarify the registration process and what happens in the weeks leading up to camp.

[+] 2019 Camper Application (click to apply)

Application Process:

Submitting a Camper Application: Once you have submitted an application, you will receive an automated confirmation email. Please note that each child must have a separate application completed in its entirety. While we understand this may take a fair amount of time, it is important for us to have as much information as possible about your child’s life and grief experience.

Phone Interview: We may conduct a phone interview with you after you have submitted the application.  The purpose of the phone interview is to collect information about your child that will allow us to set them up for success throughout his/her camp weekend.

Accepted Camper: All applications are reviewed by a clinical therapist. You will be notified via email if your application has been approved. This will be easily identifiable, as the subject of the email will be "Camp Cairn - 2018 Camper Acceptance Packet." It is important for you to read this email in its entirety because it is filled with information about camp and contains paperwork that must be completed prior to your child(ren) attending the camp session.